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More bedrooms for L.

Two very different ideas, that somehow became one in my head. Lately I’m seeing white and/or grey bedrooms with monochromatic textured bedspreads – either boho crochet or sleek quilts – everywhere. They might seem like unlikely bedfellows (see what I did there?) but as the first room demonstrates they can play nice.  Though usually it’s one or the other.

Per Magnus Persson via Desire to Inspire

Dick Clark Architecture

Riddarfjarden via Desire to Inspire

Marie Claire Maison

Creative Flats, via The Diversion Project

Domino via sfgirlbybay

Apartment Therapy


moon diamond

Bling for your wall: this is a photographic print of an image of the moon that was sliced up and reassembled to form a diamond.

Created by The Best Part, a one-man operation consisting of Orlando artist and designer Jason Dean. Available for $50 from his online shop.


sunday hideaway

Wow, having babies sure takes up a lot of time everything.  And here I thought I’d have lots of time to post, since I’d just be hanging around at home changing the odd diaper.  Haha…that would be funny if it wasn’t my life.  Well, anyway – this is the perfect place to sneak off to with a good book.  Turn off the cell phone, bust out the good chocolate – lazy Sunday nirvana right here.  The kind of thing I’ll really enjoy 18 years from now, when I next have a lazy Sunday.

via Remodelista

an attainable kitchen

Here’s a kitchen that might appear in the home of a regular person such as myself, don’t you think?  DIY tiles and some Ikea cabinets, done.  There’d be a more industrial-looking table in my version, and a bit of colour somewhere.

via Design Crisis

This is nice too.  I love me some white marble.

via Ikea Fans

In fact, my dream kitchen would probably have acres of Carrera marble and Tom Dixon lights, like this:

via Apartment Therapy

My other dream kitchen would have a slightly more industrial vibe (but still lots of marble), like so:

via Dwell

Le sigh.  Currently I’d settle for any kitchen in which the upstairs neighbour’s dirty dishwater didn’t drain into our sink.  Yes, it really does, and it IS as gross as you think.

kids: scandinavian nuseries

True to form, Scandinavian nurseries seem to be mostly white space with a smattering of bright colour, exceeding practical and utterly charming.  I’m not sure about those white floors in a nursery myself.  Babies are leaky.

Disclaimer: these are not all actually located in northern Europe.

via, in order, Design*Sponge, Desire to Inspire, Ifra Lahell, Design*Sponge.

organic glam

Love the living room of designer Laura Day.  What I am digging here: linen, wood and wool mixed with glam muted metallics, with a few hits of no-holds-barred colour.  It’s a striking combination, and gorgeously executed.  I’d kill to have those James Nares hanging on my wall.  Her home is featured in the recently released April/May issue of Lonny, go check it out.

why not?

Floor lamps for bedside.  This would be a great way to gain space in a small bedroom.

via desiretoinspire