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purple is back!

I’ve been waiting 20 years for this.

My favourite colour isn’t embarrassing anymore.  Purples are suddenly everywhere, particularly silvery lilacs and dirty aubergines.  So dirty…yum.  I would wear this first bedroom if I could.

1st image Decor Pad, 2nd & 3rd Marie Claire Maison, 4th & 5th Elle Decor, 6th Charles de Lisle.



I am love love loving musty, dusty purples right now.  Lookit’ these couches!  Hot damn.  My head understands that my living room will never look like this, as it is somewhat smaller than a tennis court.  I know, okay.  I get it.  But my heart tells me silvery-purple velvet is a perfectly sensible use of our down payment, I’d only have to turn a few tricks to replace the cash before JJ notices it’s missing…

This is the work of photographer Richard Powers, no idea who’s responsible for the design/styling.

lili diallo

Lili Diallo is a New York stylist and set designer who has worked for the likes of Domino and Living Etc.  She has an eye for modern whimsy that somehow manages to never tip over into twee, which happens all to often with this sort of jumbled-girly-vintage thing.  Photos below are from her website, check it out to see many more.  The middle picture is actually from her own living room; see more of her Brooklyn loft at Living Etc.