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black kitchen cabinets

When I have a kitchen of my own I am totally getting black cabinets.  Ideally, they’d just be bottom cabinets, accompanied by 12 foot ceilings and giant huge windows.  Like so:

photo by Ditte Isager via the marion house book


Jessica Helgerson


Stuart McIntyre


moody monochromatic loft

Hold the press.  That last post about white kitchens?  Scratch that.  I want a moody grey kitchen.  In a moody grey loft, with high ceilings, a casual studied elegance, and a nice dog.  Please.

Seriously, how amazing is this place?  I love pretty much everything.  The lighting, that coffee table!, the mirror over the fireplace, the tufted couch, the mix of styles, the palette.  Divine.  And I’m a person who would have sworn up and down that tufted couches were Not My Thing.  It’s gorgeous and sophisticated but still very genuine.  A testament to the occupants and their exquisite taste – who also happen to be the owners of Ochre, purveyor of fine contemporary furniture.

Photos by Ditte Isager, via the marion house book.

an attainable kitchen

Here’s a kitchen that might appear in the home of a regular person such as myself, don’t you think?  DIY tiles and some Ikea cabinets, done.  There’d be a more industrial-looking table in my version, and a bit of colour somewhere.

via Design Crisis

This is nice too.  I love me some white marble.

via Ikea Fans

In fact, my dream kitchen would probably have acres of Carrera marble and Tom Dixon lights, like this:

via Apartment Therapy

My other dream kitchen would have a slightly more industrial vibe (but still lots of marble), like so:

via Dwell

Le sigh.  Currently I’d settle for any kitchen in which the upstairs neighbour’s dirty dishwater didn’t drain into our sink.  Yes, it really does, and it IS as gross as you think.

marion house book

I know, I know – you’re already a fan, where have I been, etc etc.  Always last on the boat.  But just in case there’s anyone else out there who hasn’t twigged in yet: the marion house book is an interior/life/style blog with lots of gorgeous inspiration photos, fun ideas, and (my absolute favourite!) before-and-after reno pics.  Who doesn’t love a makeover?  The blog owner Emma has a style I adore, mixing modern and bohemian to create an effect that is very clean and warm and organic.

Now.  What really jumped out at me were the shots of Emma’s home in Toronto.  LOVE.  That bedroom is killing me, I mean it.  The yellow quilt, the striped sheets!  The perfect shade of grey walls!  Those pillow cases, seen many times in many beautiful rooms, only now do I covet them.  I even want her plant.  HGTV featured her home, created with husband Myles and son Henry, in a home tour back in May, check it out for more photos.

via Bloesem (merci!)

lili diallo

Lili Diallo is a New York stylist and set designer who has worked for the likes of Domino and Living Etc.  She has an eye for modern whimsy that somehow manages to never tip over into twee, which happens all to often with this sort of jumbled-girly-vintage thing.  Photos below are from her website, check it out to see many more.  The middle picture is actually from her own living room; see more of her Brooklyn loft at Living Etc.

dark wood in the kitchen

Apartment Therapy recently had a post on this very same topic, which convinced me that dark wood kitchen cabinets should perhaps be allowed to emerge from late 1970s and duly welcomed into the modern world.  Most of these kitchens, while lovely to look at, were a little more on the contemporary tip than I tend myself.  But the switch was flicked, and suddenly I was seeing kitchens with dark wood cabinets everywhere, and some of them were kitchens I could imagine myself making morning coffee in.  Now, I don’t like making the morning coffee; this is strictly the stuff of fantasy.  The key to pulling off the dark cabinets seems to be keeping the rest of the room simple and clean and white, and restricting the dark wood to the bottom half of the room.

Example one was in said Apartment Therapy post.  Where do they keep their dishes?  Hush.

via Apartment Therapy

I can’t figure out what decade this photo is from.  Standard white tiles and what look to be hand-hewn drawers, admirable tidyness and nothing unnecessary – is this rustic modern?

via Door Sixteen

Hot damn – look at those slidey-thingamies!  They’re flat out fantastic.  I love how they provide the visual structure of kitchen cabinets, without adding bulk.  A suggestion of cabinets.  They add an industrial edge that work so well with the dark wood and marble.  Gorgeous.  More photos in the original article on Dwell.

via bltd

modern belgian farmhouse

Oh my.  OWI gives us this farmhouse in Belgium, which was transformed into a modern family home.  The owner’s three sons share the entire second floor.  How awesome is that?  Imagine the forts that get made under those beams.

Also really digging the tri-colour pendant in the bedroom.

via My Scandinavian Retreat