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purple is back!

I’ve been waiting 20 years for this.

My favourite colour isn’t embarrassing anymore.  Purples are suddenly everywhere, particularly silvery lilacs and dirty aubergines.  So dirty…yum.  I would wear this first bedroom if I could.

1st image Decor Pad, 2nd & 3rd Marie Claire Maison, 4th & 5th Elle Decor, 6th Charles de Lisle.


bedrooms: grey-gold-olive

What goes well with pale grey for a bedroom?   Golden yellow has lodged itself in my mind, despite being told by L that she HATES yellow.  Sorry dude, I just can’t shake it.  Will look for more pleasing colours next, promise.

These weren’t chosen for their styling, just the colours.  Blur your eyes for the ugly ones, k?

Might as well get this out of the way: Dwell Studio Draper Stripe bedding.  Love those lamps in the second picture.

Pale creamy gold, from Jeremy & Kathleen.

Chocolate, grey and gold, from Design Crisis.

Changing gears: mustardy-yellow?  This from If The Lampshade Fits.

Living Etc says this is a ‘calm bedroom with a touch of opulence’.  I don’t know what they’re talking about, but it IS grey and mustard yellow.

Alright.  This is not a bedroom.  Use your imagination.  Styled by Lucyina Moody

Abigail Ahern‘s remarkably subdued bedroom, from Design*Sponge.

And to wrap it up, a trio from A Perfect Gray.


I am love love loving musty, dusty purples right now.  Lookit’ these couches!  Hot damn.  My head understands that my living room will never look like this, as it is somewhat smaller than a tennis court.  I know, okay.  I get it.  But my heart tells me silvery-purple velvet is a perfectly sensible use of our down payment, I’d only have to turn a few tricks to replace the cash before JJ notices it’s missing…

This is the work of photographer Richard Powers, no idea who’s responsible for the design/styling.

colour block walls

Why do we paint walls all one colour anyway?  I like this idea.  It’s so unexpected.  The look is fresh and interesting but simple enough to still be elegant.

via Husligheter and Color Collective

patterned rug

Totally dig this living room.  There’s not much to it, but every piece in there is fun and interesting.  Good reminder to keep it simple, and only keep pieces you love.

My favourite detail, and the key to the whole room IMHO, is that graphic rug.  Could probably do without the breast sconces.

No idea where this image came from – enlighten me in the comments.

sam mcadam

This photographer from Australia has a portfolio full of  beauty shots.  The quality of colour she captures is just so delicious: rich, muted, subtle, strong.  I particularly like the colour combinations in the last two photos.  Might be time to add some colour to the grey bedroom…hm.

via Decor8

organic glam

Love the living room of designer Laura Day.  What I am digging here: linen, wood and wool mixed with glam muted metallics, with a few hits of no-holds-barred colour.  It’s a striking combination, and gorgeously executed.  I’d kill to have those James Nares hanging on my wall.  Her home is featured in the recently released April/May issue of Lonny, go check it out.