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black kitchen cabinets

When I have a kitchen of my own I am totally getting black cabinets.  Ideally, they’d just be bottom cabinets, accompanied by 12 foot ceilings and giant huge windows.  Like so:

photo by Ditte Isager via the marion house book


Jessica Helgerson


Stuart McIntyre


moon diamond

Bling for your wall: this is a photographic print of an image of the moon that was sliced up and reassembled to form a diamond.

Created by The Best Part, a one-man operation consisting of Orlando artist and designer Jason Dean. Available for $50 from his online shop.


pinch cabinet

This via bltd a few days ago, and do I ever love it.  The Joyce cabinet was designed and built (by hand!) by the husband-and-wife duo behind Pinch.  Costs a fortune.

why not?

Floor lamps for bedside.  This would be a great way to gain space in a small bedroom.

via desiretoinspire

micheal kors’ living room

More restrained than I would have expected. via Habitually Chic.

apartment fh/owi

Okay, this is getting a bit ridiculous.  Everything Katie over at bltd posts, I love.  Seriously, every single one of the interiors she recently started posting is an interpretation of the dream house I carry in my head.  However.  One cannot simply be continually stealing borrowing posts and reposting, even if one gushes about the brilliance of the original poster.  Ahem.  Just go over there every day and look at the lovely pictures for me, will ya?  Starting with this one: she has just posted yet another of the masculine, carelessly stylish (but never styled) interiors I so covet these days. Turns out it came from the same source as the divine living room I posted a couple of weeks back: OWI // Office for Word and Image

What is an Office for Word and Image, you ask?

From their site’s about page: “OWI is specialized in full reportages, including text and images on architecture and interiors. We choose amongst the archives of some of the best photographers and journalists for features with a contemporary look and an interesting story. In our selection we aim for top quality photography of exclusive private homes or exceptional public buildings, accompanied by sharp interviews with some of the world’s leading architects.”

Really?  I want that to be my job.

The website is an catalogue of stunning homes.  A girl could forget herself if she’s not careful.

There were more photos of that loft; a few are posted below, go to their site to see the rest.  And can I just say, the red chair is killing me.

via bltd

300 square feet of perfection

I am in love with this room.  In. Love.  Why? asks JJ.  It’s hard to explain, I say…you don’t understand.  But here are a few reasons: black-brown-grey, with all browns matching.  Yes.  Hints of coral and turquoise.  No fussiness, none at all, not even in the corners or under the couch.  Character.  Practicality.  Interesting but not provocative.  This is a room that can have one too many bourbons, and still make it to work on time.  Like me.

Via bltd