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More bedrooms for L.

Two very different ideas, that somehow became one in my head. Lately I’m seeing white and/or grey bedrooms with monochromatic textured bedspreads – either boho crochet or sleek quilts – everywhere. They might seem like unlikely bedfellows (see what I did there?) but as the first room demonstrates they can play nice.  Though usually it’s one or the other.

Per Magnus Persson via Desire to Inspire

Dick Clark Architecture

Riddarfjarden via Desire to Inspire

Marie Claire Maison

Creative Flats, via The Diversion Project

Domino via sfgirlbybay

Apartment Therapy


purple is back!

I’ve been waiting 20 years for this.

My favourite colour isn’t embarrassing anymore.  Purples are suddenly everywhere, particularly silvery lilacs and dirty aubergines.  So dirty…yum.  I would wear this first bedroom if I could.

1st image Decor Pad, 2nd & 3rd Marie Claire Maison, 4th & 5th Elle Decor, 6th Charles de Lisle.

bedrooms: grey-gold-olive

What goes well with pale grey for a bedroom?   Golden yellow has lodged itself in my mind, despite being told by L that she HATES yellow.  Sorry dude, I just can’t shake it.  Will look for more pleasing colours next, promise.

These weren’t chosen for their styling, just the colours.  Blur your eyes for the ugly ones, k?

Might as well get this out of the way: Dwell Studio Draper Stripe bedding.  Love those lamps in the second picture.

Pale creamy gold, from Jeremy & Kathleen.

Chocolate, grey and gold, from Design Crisis.

Changing gears: mustardy-yellow?  This from If The Lampshade Fits.

Living Etc says this is a ‘calm bedroom with a touch of opulence’.  I don’t know what they’re talking about, but it IS grey and mustard yellow.

Alright.  This is not a bedroom.  Use your imagination.  Styled by Lucyina Moody

Abigail Ahern‘s remarkably subdued bedroom, from Design*Sponge.

And to wrap it up, a trio from A Perfect Gray.

marion house book

I know, I know – you’re already a fan, where have I been, etc etc.  Always last on the boat.  But just in case there’s anyone else out there who hasn’t twigged in yet: the marion house book is an interior/life/style blog with lots of gorgeous inspiration photos, fun ideas, and (my absolute favourite!) before-and-after reno pics.  Who doesn’t love a makeover?  The blog owner Emma has a style I adore, mixing modern and bohemian to create an effect that is very clean and warm and organic.

Now.  What really jumped out at me were the shots of Emma’s home in Toronto.  LOVE.  That bedroom is killing me, I mean it.  The yellow quilt, the striped sheets!  The perfect shade of grey walls!  Those pillow cases, seen many times in many beautiful rooms, only now do I covet them.  I even want her plant.  HGTV featured her home, created with husband Myles and son Henry, in a home tour back in May, check it out for more photos.

via Bloesem (merci!)

brick house guest bedroom

Great example of how a single accessory can totally make a room.  That bedside pendant is ace.  It pulls the whole look together.  Everything else in the room could be swapped out for something similar, and it would still work (except sputnik, he should just go away).  Having killer taste and an unerring eye helps with such things, expect no less from The Brick House.

kids: map wallpaper

How very excellent for plotting adventures.  These all seem to be boys’ rooms, but I’d love to see map wallpaper in a girl’s room.  Generally not too keen on the extreme gender expression that seems to go on in most nurseries and kids rooms.

I know, I know – every one has seen this first photo a million times.  And yes, the UK-themed room is a bit much (any theme is a bit much), but the map is blue so it stays.

via, in order, kbreenbo’s flikr stream, Porchlight Interiors, Ideal Home, Nibs, and Houzz

upscale eclectic

Featured in the April issue of Elle Decor, this amazing home was created out of a brilliantly arranged collection of family heirlooms, salvaged vintage pieces, and classic modern design.  I really admire the confidence and eye required to combine such disparate styles and colours and have it coalesce so naturally.  A true hallmark of style, and something to strive for.

via decor8