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moon diamond

Bling for your wall: this is a photographic print of an image of the moon that was sliced up and reassembled to form a diamond.

Created by The Best Part, a one-man operation consisting of Orlando artist and designer Jason Dean. Available for $50 from his online shop.



red bear

Saw this amazing print in a children’s store in Victoria, BC  a few weeks ago and have been thinking about it ever since.  I love bears, and I especially love this bear, with his shy backwards glance.

Available at Banquet’s etsy shop.

places on earth

I’ve seen (and coveted) this map before, but was reminded today by bltd.

How I love technical drawings – maps, schematics, diagrams, you name it.  I have long wanted a map to track places been and plot the next jump.  And here is one created expressly for this purpose, and which is rather charming besides.  By Oliver Jeffers for You and Me, the Royal We.