Yes please.

Bath located at the outrageously luxurious Amandari Resort in Bali, a place I shall never step foot in.  FU, universe.



I am love love loving musty, dusty purples right now.  Lookit’ these couches!  Hot damn.  My head understands that my living room will never look like this, as it is somewhat smaller than a tennis court.  I know, okay.  I get it.  But my heart tells me silvery-purple velvet is a perfectly sensible use of our down payment, I’d only have to turn a few tricks to replace the cash before JJ notices it’s missing…

This is the work of photographer Richard Powers, no idea who’s responsible for the design/styling.

wish list

Chimera ornament, by artist Peter Eudenbach.  Available at Artware Editions.

Place of the Upside Down, by photographer Roger Ballen.  Print available at 20×200.

Flawed gold-plated bowl by Studiomake, available at Gretel Home.

Or maybe a Hungry Bowl by Tse & Tse, from Horne.

Fidji salt-and-pepper grinders in Slate or Fig by Peugeot, available at Amazon.

Any smoky-purple silk or velvet quilt like this one from Lombok.

cozy industrial

Home of architect Guilherme Torres.  Slice of perfection.  Manages to look downright cozy, while being super stylish and modern and industrial.

Cozy industrial: the new modern rustic.

via Design Crisis

an acre of couch

Absolutely, unquestionably, The Perfect Couch.  What is it??

UPDATE: Tufty Time, designed by Patricia Urquiola for B&B Italia.  Being an ignoramus is a lot of work sometimes.

From Nuevo Estilo, via If The Lamp Shade Fits

teal bathroom

This here is lovely colour for a bathroom.

via Apartment Therapy

red bear

Saw this amazing print in a children’s store in Victoria, BC  a few weeks ago and have been thinking about it ever since.  I love bears, and I especially love this bear, with his shy backwards glance.

Available at Banquet’s etsy shop.