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black kitchen cabinets

When I have a kitchen of my own I am totally getting black cabinets.  Ideally, they’d just be bottom cabinets, accompanied by 12 foot ceilings and giant huge windows.  Like so:

photo by Ditte Isager via the marion house book


Jessica Helgerson


Stuart McIntyre



More bedrooms for L.

Two very different ideas, that somehow became one in my head. Lately I’m seeing white and/or grey bedrooms with monochromatic textured bedspreads – either boho crochet or sleek quilts – everywhere. They might seem like unlikely bedfellows (see what I did there?) but as the first room demonstrates they can play nice.  Though usually it’s one or the other.

Per Magnus Persson via Desire to Inspire

Dick Clark Architecture

Riddarfjarden via Desire to Inspire

Marie Claire Maison

Creative Flats, via The Diversion Project

Domino via sfgirlbybay

Apartment Therapy

purple is back!

I’ve been waiting 20 years for this.

My favourite colour isn’t embarrassing anymore.  Purples are suddenly everywhere, particularly silvery lilacs and dirty aubergines.  So dirty…yum.  I would wear this first bedroom if I could.

1st image Decor Pad, 2nd & 3rd Marie Claire Maison, 4th & 5th Elle Decor, 6th Charles de Lisle.

sunday hideaway

Wow, having babies sure takes up a lot of time everything.  And here I thought I’d have lots of time to post, since I’d just be hanging around at home changing the odd diaper.  Haha…that would be funny if it wasn’t my life.  Well, anyway – this is the perfect place to sneak off to with a good book.  Turn off the cell phone, bust out the good chocolate – lazy Sunday nirvana right here.  The kind of thing I’ll really enjoy 18 years from now, when I next have a lazy Sunday.

via Remodelista

cozy industrial

Home of architect Guilherme Torres.  Slice of perfection.  Manages to look downright cozy, while being super stylish and modern and industrial.

Cozy industrial: the new modern rustic.

via Design Crisis

moody monochromatic loft

Hold the press.  That last post about white kitchens?  Scratch that.  I want a moody grey kitchen.  In a moody grey loft, with high ceilings, a casual studied elegance, and a nice dog.  Please.

Seriously, how amazing is this place?  I love pretty much everything.  The lighting, that coffee table!, the mirror over the fireplace, the tufted couch, the mix of styles, the palette.  Divine.  And I’m a person who would have sworn up and down that tufted couches were Not My Thing.  It’s gorgeous and sophisticated but still very genuine.  A testament to the occupants and their exquisite taste – who also happen to be the owners of Ochre, purveyor of fine contemporary furniture.

Photos by Ditte Isager, via the marion house book.


This interesting UK company specializes in salvaged materials and contemporary interior design (the latter using the former, though raw materials may be purchased as well).  That may not sound particularly promising, or maybe it does if you’re into the rustic/industrial look, but leave your preconceptions at the door.  Their work tends towards clean, classic modern, gorgeously executed.  The list of salvaged materials is astounding: Carrera marble, fossil limestone, Morrocan tile, 2-inch thick teak (from lab benches!) – which can be seen repurposed as kitchen counters in their design project below.  The last picture, the tiniest glimpse of the bathroom, is my favourite.  I’m head over heels for the combination of those mosaic tiles with Josef Frank fabric.  Wish we could see more.

Anyway, made me think: where do teak lab benches end up in Vancouver?

FYI, the only place I know of to buy Josef Frank fabrics in North America, if you’ve got the cash, is Just Scandinavian.

via bltd